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Buy Grass Fed Beef in Bulk

Buy grass fed beef in bulk and save

Buy Grass Fed Beef Online and Save
We are proud to introduce the Potter 8 Ranch Beef Bulk Purchase Program. This exciting program allows you to save money and time the way earlier generations did when they purchased a whole or half cow.

With the Potter 8 Ranch Beef Bulk Purchase Program, you will be able to buy beef cuts in bulk at great savings and always have a variety of cuts available at home. Think about how convenient it will be to have an assortment of cuts on hand to feed your family and guests. Order online and you won’t have to make so many trips to the butcher or market!

Potter 8 Ranch Beef Bulk Purchase Program

Please note the Harvest Fee and Processing Fee are paid to Wolf Pack Meats at time of pick-up. This table is for your convenience only. rices are based on estimated weights. The number of pounds varies from animal to animal and year to year. The price per pound may also vary with your preference of meat processing such as corned beef, sausage, etc. Portion weights are as close as possible but may not be exact. Please refer to our frequently asked questions to answer any questions you have about bulk beef purchasing.

How to Order

  • Call us at (530) 993-1199 to place your order. You will be required to do the following:
    1. Specify the portion of the cow you wish to order: Full or Half Cow.
    2. Specify your choice of processors.
    3. Provide the contact name, along with mailing address, phone number, and email address. We will then forward a welcome notification along with a registration form and meat cut instruction sheet via email.
    4. Send a $500. non-refundable deposit (within two weeks) of order to:
      Potter 8 Ranch, PO Box 508, Loyalton, CA 96118
    5. Read and agree to the terms of the purchase agreement.
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  • And when you decide you would like to schedule your private tour of the Potter 8 Ranch, just give us a call and we will coordinate your visit with you!